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Here is another handsome shot that was taken while I greeted the public.

Wow-  Did you guys see this??  



One is only a loser if one fails to succeed and I did far from that. I did not get the Best of Breed ribbon in my Westminster debut, but that was not the most important thing about my being at Westminster yesterday. True, I was in the ring as one of the best conformational Scotties in the country representing the look of my breed, but Westminster is special for another big reason – it is called a benched show and one of the few left in dog showing.

I have been a Champion for many years and have won many fabric ribbons. But never have I been able to enjoy really representing what my breed is and being able to share what I truly am with so many people.  I am a show dog but most of all I am a wonderful companion and friend .   Yes, I had a great time in the ring,  my fan club appreciated my showmanship and I showed myself off in my breed ring like I am suppose to do.  But afterwards I greeted and snapped photos with hundreds of people at my bench. This is how you really get to know a breed. This is why it is a benched show. Marianne and Kathi were busy all day talking with people and introducing me to new friends.  I sat for eight hours taking pictures and enjoyed it all.  I loved the people I met, especially the kids, they were the best!

My goal was to make my breed, family and friends proud of me AND spread the word about my new website! My website’s purpose is to share and interact together with our love and knowledge of our dogs. Westminster was a rush I will never forget. I am hoping some of you I met yesterday communicate with me in my blog over the next few days.  If you were at Westminster or any dog show please let me know what your thoughts were.  And of course if you have any pictures with me yesterday I would love to see them and put you up on My Friends website page if you say it is ok.  You can post them on my facebook page: fireheartsirnbru or email me at: brunothescotty



Just Ask Me…

We’re live!! Getting ready for Westminster… come see me tomorrow at Pier 92. Ask me anything!! I’ll be  the handsome guy in my Wallace tartan plaid…. Section A Row 3.