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Great Tool

Great Tool

This is a great tool I recently purchase. I love it. I have been using it to make my super peanut butter/ yogurt treats and to fill the tops of Kongs before freezing. I like to put charlie bears in the kong. Then I take the PB/ yogurt mixture and squeeze it into the top of the kong before freezing. This is much cleaner then filling the kong with soft filling that is hard to clean out. When making my frozen yogurt/ PB treats it made great decorative pieces that are easy to give out to the many dogs we have. It is also great for baking for humans. We used it to icing cupcakes just the other day. I really recommend this tool. You can purchase it at cooks nook or amazon both are online stores. –
Dr Meenan – Bruno’s Mom


Bunker, the rescue


I was born a prince.   My family lines were distinct and my destiny plan at birth.  I was guaranteed a loving home, Marianne made sure of that.   I was protected and loved every day of my life.  I have never known a bad day, a day where I worried about being cold or hungry, alone or hurt.    Yet, I am aware of the plight of my fellow dogs.

What happens when that is not the case?  When you find yourself out in the world left, hungry and cold like my “brothers” did. 

 Johnny was found in NYC with a shattered leg and starving.   He did not walk right for 8 months after surgery and to this day he has a limp.   Kathi, my mom, took him from the clinic just to rehab him since he could not walk on his back leg where his femur was broken in multiple pieces.   Despite the surgery to repair the bone it took 6 months of intense therapy before he walked on his leg again.  Today, he is fat and sassy and spends a good part of the day napping or figuring out how to eat the cat’s food.

Just last week another stray  found his way into our home.    He arrived last Thursday night after being picked up by Animal Control where he was dumped.  He had no tags or microchip and he was starving.  He was all skin and bones.  In fact they were calling him Bones.  He had gained six pounds by the time we had met and he was still way to thin.    Someone had tossed him way.   He was left to wonder around in the winter, starving and cold.  Luckily, last week he came into my mom’s exam room.   My family needed a Boxer and he needed a home.    Two days later he was invading my home.

Rich changes his name to Bunker.    Bunker the Clunker is more like it.  He is silly and way too big.  He steps right over me in his excitement.   He is an okay fellow,   I just had to explain to him who was the boss of this house a few times but now we are getting along fabulously.   I am actually starting to like him more because I have realized since he is so thin everyone likes to give him snacks and I am there to get my share.   

Now that Bunker has come home with us he will no longer be hungry and cold.  He may be pushed around by this Scottie, but he is part of the family and we take care of our own.   

Taking care of these animals is an important job.  Even pure bred dogs are not immune to abuse and neglect.  No one is immune   It is up to us to help care for these amazing animals that can face such abuse and neglect and still love and trust.   Their stories are truly inspiring.

I would like you to share your story with us about your rescued dog please write us.      

–           Bruno 


Bunker – all bones

Bunker - all bones

My new brother.



Skinny Bunker at the clinic

My Birthday

It is my Birthday and I ponder important things, such as do I wear my Birthday suit or do I dress up for the occasion?  What does it all mean?  Have I done enough with my life?  Have I missed anything?  What is getting older?  Am I really slowing down?  But then I realize there are only a few important things to worry about on my birthday and that is simple; Am I going to like the cake?  And will enough of my loved ones be with me to share it?

Last year my best friend Caddie was with me, and Jake was too but this year they are gone.  It is sad to think of them no longer being with me.   I often miss them.  It makes me think about how important it is to enjoy every day.

Truthfully, a birthday is a time to celebrate another year well lived and shared with our pack.  It is a time to celebrate that we are loved and have loved; that each day of our life has been an adventure and we are glad to be a part of it.  I will be celebrating this year with big party.   The guest will cross species; humans, canines, and felines.  We may be different but we love each other.  We are going to celebrate great friendships and the fact that we had another year to enjoy it together.

I will leave you with this thought that I so recently read:

  “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”

So, enjoy each day like you are a young pup.

I know many of us have different ways of celebrating our birthday so would you like to share with us how you celebrate your birthday?