My Birthday

It is my Birthday and I ponder important things, such as do I wear my Birthday suit or do I dress up for the occasion?  What does it all mean?  Have I done enough with my life?  Have I missed anything?  What is getting older?  Am I really slowing down?  But then I realize there are only a few important things to worry about on my birthday and that is simple; Am I going to like the cake?  And will enough of my loved ones be with me to share it?

Last year my best friend Caddie was with me, and Jake was too but this year they are gone.  It is sad to think of them no longer being with me.   I often miss them.  It makes me think about how important it is to enjoy every day.

Truthfully, a birthday is a time to celebrate another year well lived and shared with our pack.  It is a time to celebrate that we are loved and have loved; that each day of our life has been an adventure and we are glad to be a part of it.  I will be celebrating this year with big party.   The guest will cross species; humans, canines, and felines.  We may be different but we love each other.  We are going to celebrate great friendships and the fact that we had another year to enjoy it together.

I will leave you with this thought that I so recently read:

  “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional”

So, enjoy each day like you are a young pup.

I know many of us have different ways of celebrating our birthday so would you like to share with us how you celebrate your birthday?



One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Barbara Rowe March 1, 2013 at 7:44 pm Reply

    Happy Birthday Bruno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Caillin & Abigail- scottie freinds

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